How much does it cost to use Mobipaid?

We offer a card-not-present payment solution at rates that are comparable with most card-present payment solutions.

Monthly fees

$19.95 per month

The monthly technology platform fee.

Transaction fees

24¢ per transaction

You pay a transaction fee for every payment made by your customers.

Merchant fees

2.9% per transaction

The average fee merchants pay when using one of our partner acquirers. When using your own merchant services Mobipaid charges an additional 0.4% which are added to your monthly Mobipaid bill.

SMS payment request fees

3¢ per text

When sending payment requests by SMS you pay for every text message.

eMail payment request fees

2¢ per email

When sending payment requests by email you pay for every email. You can setup your own SMTP account to avoid email fees.


2.2% + 0.5% per transaction

If you are a registered 501c company and qualify for special non-profit rates with our partner acquirers the standard rate is 2.2% with an additional 0.5% payable to Mobipaid. The combined rate of 2.7% is better than any fundraising platform fee available in the market.

MMS fees

10¢ per MMS

You pay for every picture text message you send. (available in US & Canada.)

High risk fees

 $49.95 per month

If your business qualify as high risk an additional monthly fee apply. 

Free stuff

These are on us
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited email payment requests when using your own SMTP
  • Unlimited social media campaigns
  • Unlimited auctions
  • Unlimited payment pages and QR codes

*  The above fees are for merchants receiving US dollar payments. Fees in other regions or transactions in other currencies may be subject to additional or different fees. Contact us if you need more information.

Unlike tiered platforms that ask you to pay more for each feature you get, Mobipaid gives you the full solution, up-front with no strings attached. No contracts or early termination fees apply and our pay-as-you-use policy means there’s no risk to you for trying our solution. Our personal level of service applies to all our clients. Yep, you can call and talk to a real person.


There are no monthly account fees. You only pay for the transactions made by your customers.

Your own Bank

Unique to Mobipaid! Contract
directly with a preferred Mobipaid acquiring partner, or use your existing merchant services. Your fees cannot  be more transparent!

Our Commitment

No registration fees, no setup fees, no Mobipaid account cancellation fees! There is no risk, and nothing to lose.

Want to know more about fees in other currencies or using Mobipaid in other countries?

Contact us by using the Contact Us form on this website or use the contact information below.


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United States: +1 (800) 910-6211

United Kingdom: +44 (203) 823-6573

South Africa: +27 (087) 550-7470

Mobipaid is a multicurrency payment solution and currently operates in the following regions:


  • The United States & Canada
  • Sub-Sahara Africa & Islands
  • European Union countries
  • United Kingdom

Contact us to learn more about Mobipaid’s services.


General Information:

Sales & Partnerships:


United States: +1 (800) 910 6211