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Payment requests through SMS,
MMS, email & social media.

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What is Mobipaid?

Use Mobipaid to effectively deliver payment requests to your customers using text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), email and even social media. With Mobipaid you can reach your customers directly on their mobile devices with a personalized payment request message that includes an instant payment option. Your customers do not need to download an app or register, so they can conveniently pay you…anywhere, anytime.

How Mobipaid Works

Powerful Tools

Smart, Simple & Convenient

Paperless Invoicing

When sending a payment request using our picture messaging (MMS) option, attach the invoice of your choice or use our auto invoice generator. Paperless invoicing is environmentally friendly and will save you time and money.

Social Media Payments

Mobipaid seamlessly connects with your company or organization’s Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn accounts enabling you to collect instant and direct card payments through social media.

QR Code Ready

Every payment request has a unique QR code which can be printed or displayed on any medium for fast customer access and instant payment.

Developer API

Key Mobipaid functions are available through a seamless, robust, scalable and flexible API integration. Use our free API to integrate Mobipaid functions straight into your mobile app, website or CRM system.

Who uses Mobipaid?

Businesses effectively delivering payment requests to their customers.


Home Services


Sports Clubs
& Studios


& Non-Profits





The power to pay you, anywhere, anytime.

Your customers are busy, yet they are always available on their phones. We provide utilities with a cost-effective way to reach customers directly on their mobile devices with an invoice and personalized payment request…anywhere, anytime.

  • Standard Billing
  • Reminders
  • Pre-Disconnection Notices

Home Services

Home Services

They can pay you on the go.

Customers are always on the move, at the office, running errands, on the golf course or at the doctor. We understand. With Mobipaid it’s easy to send a payment request to your customers’ mobile phone, and more convenient for your customers to instantly pay you…anywhere, anytime.



Many activities. One easy way to collect money.

Any parent, guardian or family member can pay any school fee anywhere, anytime.

  • Student Enrollment Fees
  • Automated Monthly Tuition Payments
  • Class Field Trips
  • Club Activity Fees
  • PTA Membership Fees
  • PTA Initiatives
  • Fundraisers and more

Sports Clubs & Studios

Sports Clubs & Studios

Focus on what matters.

Coaches and instructors need to focus on the game, skills and performance, not taking money. Easily request payments from parents or students, which they can conveniently pay from their own phone…anywhere, anytime.

  • Student Registration Fees
  • Automated Monthly Class Payments
  • Sports Gear, Uniforms, Costumes and more
  • Team Travel Expenses
  • Competition Fees
  • Hosting Team Hospitality Contributions

Property Management

Property Management

Simplifying property payments.

Take advantage of the most direct way to collect property management fees.

  • HOA Annual Dues and Special
  • Pre-Authorizations for Vacation
  • Assessments
  • Monthly Rental Fees
  • Security Deposits
  • Downpayments
  • Reservations

Charities & Non-Profits

Charities & Non-Profits

Take advantage of your access to a bigger audience.

Maximize the reward of your online campaigns. With Mobipaid you can accept donations directly on social media, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. No redirects, just a click and pay. It is easy & convenient, and guaranteed to maximize your fundraising.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Medical Practices

Medical Practices

Making one-time payments simple and convenient.

Medical insurance requires a co-pay at time of service, but then the insurance claim must be processed to determine the remaining patient balance. After your patient leaves the office, what is the most effective way to collect the remaining balance?

  • Co-pays
  • Remaining balances
  • Payment plans

Golf Professionals

Golf Professionals

Below par is only acceptable in golf.

When it comes to collecting payments, Mobipaid’s convenience and security helps you exceed the standard.

  • Membership Renewal
  • Golf Lesson
  • Tee-time Reservation
  • Tournament Events & Fundraising
  • Crowd Sponsorship for PGA members

Mobipaid Features

Multi-device Access

Mobipaid is a cloud-based
solution and works on any
internet connected device.

Multiple Users

Your Mobipaid account can be accessed by multiple users, each
with unique login details and
specified account privileges.

Your Own Card Processor

Unique to Mobipaid! Contract
directly with a preferred Mobipaid acquiring partner, or use your existing merchant services.


Add your company logo to your payment page and customize the payment receipt. Personalize every
payment request message.

Exclusive Phone Numbers

Send text messages from a local, unique phone number which your customers can identify as your company or organization.


Card information is transmitted via a PCI DSS certified gateway and your customers never need to share personal card information with you.

Management & Reporting

Realtime payment confirmation, transaction notifications and instant reversal or refund options.

Recurring Payments

Automate your customer’s
monthly payments with
open-ended or specified time
period recurring payments.


Our turn-key option integrates easily into your workflow, or use our free API to integrate into your business management system.


The Mobipaid Wallet


NEW! For your customers, a wallet dedicated to managing all their payment requests received via Mobipaid. It is easy, convenient & secure. It’s the perfect solution for your customers to manage their bills received every month.

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Mobipaid News!

Mobipaid is now supported by RoomCloud Booking Engine

RoomCloud Booking Engine now offers the possibility to receive payments through the payment gateway Mobipaid.

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To see how you can effectively use Mobipaid to deliver payment requests to your customers, schedule a demo by clicking the read more link.

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Poston is the first player in 45 years to win a 72-hole PGA TOUR event without making a bogey.

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Need to be PCI compliant?

If you accept credit cards, using Mobipaid ensures you are PCI compliant.

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Mobipaid Pricing

Per Transaction

  • Free setup
  • No monthly fee
  • $0.03 per text message (SMS)
  • $0.10 per picture message (MMS)
  • Transaction service fee 1%
  • No email payment request fees
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Enjoy the benefits of having a direct relationship with the merchant service provider.

  • Settlement within 48 hours
  • Settlement direct into your business bank account
  • Guarantee lowest merchant rates
  • Rates between 2.2% – 2.9%


Enjoy the benefits of having a direct relationship with the merchant service provider.

  • Settlement within 48 hours
  • Settlement direct into your business bank account
  • Guarantee lowest merchant rates
  • Rates between 2.2% – 2.9%