Mobipaid for

Mobipaid for


Access all major payment methods and sell across multiple channels from a single contract.


A single integration to accept all major payment methods.

Multiple processors

A choice of acquiring banks and gateways to access the cheapest rates across multiple jurisdictions.



From PCI to 3DS
We are fully PCI DSS compliant meaning you will never come into contact with your customers’ card details. We have your back.

Sell across all platforms
Online, in person, over the phone and across social media
Simple & convenient for your customers
No customer registration or app required
No matter your business
Mobipaid will simplify payments and help drive revenue growth

All Mobipaid payments are contactless and from your customers mobile or internet-enabled device

Easy to operate merchant portal

Multi Device Access

Mobipaid is a turnkey cloud solution and works on any internet-connected device. API integrations are also available.

Multiple Users

Your Mobipaid account can be accessed by multiple users, each with unique login details and specified account privileges.

Your Own Card Processor

Unique to Mobipaid! Contract directly with a preferred Mobipaid acquiring partner, or use your existing merchant services.


Add your company logo to your payment page and customize the payment receipt. Personalize every payment request message.

Exclusive Phone Numbers

Send payment request text messages from a unique local phone number that your customers can identify as your company or organization.


Card information is managed by a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway. Your customers will never have to share personal card information with you.

Management & Reporting

Real-time payment request notifications, payment notifications, data import & export options, and instant reversal and refund options.


Turn your customers’ own phone into a POS terminal and allow them to pay you instantly by scanning a QR code printed on your invoice.

Mobipaid for the Individual

Sell or auction stuff to de-clutter your life or raise money for good causes

Use Mobipaid to upload photos of items you wish to sell and send to your WhatsApp contacts or post to Facebook with secure payment links. Or, raise funds for causes you are passionate about. Easy with Mobipaid.

Mobipaid for the startup or
small-and-medium business

Crowd fund an idea or use the Mobipaid merchant portal for multi-channel selling

Grow your business from one Mobipaid account where you can sell online, in person, over the phone and across social media and instant messaging devices. Add any number of users and print QR codes to create more points of acceptance.

Easy with Mobipaid: free set up, no running costs – we get paid only when you do.

Mobipaid for large Enterprises

Integrate Mobipaid as part of your payments flow in the Cloud

Integrate Mobipaid to your CRM software and select any number of global acquiring partners for the lowest rates and the widest selection of payment methods. Enquire within for a list.

Mobipaid for acquiring Accelerators

Scale your business in your market

Increase your processing volumes by multiplying acceptance points, expediting onboarding, while retaining ownership of merchant.

Use Cases

Whether you have a website or not you can still take electronic payments.


Hospitality & Tourism




Need a webshop or a checkout for your website?

Ecommerce payment plugins available.

Multiple sales channels for you to get paid


Allows you to set up selling channels, add users and customise your customers payment page. Create as many QR codes or links as you wish, as well as manage and reconcile payments and issue refunds.

Payment Requests

In only a few easy steps send a personalised message with a secure payment link to your customer’s mobile phone or email. Customers select from several checkout options and instantly receive a receipt after making payment.



Personalise your customers' checkout experience and easily integrate all major payment methods using one of our free Payment Plugins; or build your own payment product with our robust and intuitive API.This is a space.


Create the recurring plan that suits your business or schedule payments for your customers to manage their cash flow. Set the billing cycle by the time and date, send reminders and allow customers cancellation rights.


Used to validate customer receipts for online purchases and offline collections. Allows your customer avoid crowds and is ideal for online to offline commerce and heavy footfall events like festivals, sports and religious gatherings.

Point of Sale

Replace your card terminal with customisable QR codes that can be printed and displayed at the POS. Add your logo and include taxes and optional tipping as well as the payment forms your business wishes to accept. Payments are made from the customer phone with no app or registration required.


Link your account directly with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and raise money for good causes or to crowdfund an idea. Allows donors the option to set up a recurring option directly from the payment page.


Upload descriptions, photos and terms & conditions, then simply post on your social media or share on instant messenger.

A multicurrency payment CRM at your fingertips

Connecting to customers is easy

Upload and manage your customer information

Your customer database isn’t limited to just contact information. Add multiple custom data fields to suit your specific CRM requirements. Our Import and Export functions make it easy to share data between your favourite CRM platforms. Mobipaid is integrated into many CRM and PMS solutions in the hospitality vertical.

Mobipaid for Developers

Accept payments across existing channels

Our intuitive payment API enables you to integrate Mobipaid to your existing applications or platforms.

Easy to Use

Easy to use digital, interactive API portal


Detailed User Guide & technical support

Select your API system

Free access to Development system (Sandbox) and Production system (Live)

Payments made easy & secure with no app

Mobipaid offers an easy and secure alternative to accepting payments where you can take payments over the phone or remotely without ever again taking your customers’ card details.

No card readers or special devices required to get paid

Multiple sales channels: over the phone, in person, online & social media

Customers pay directly from their mobile or internet-enabled device

No customer app, no account registration, no password or login

Customer wallet offered for regular customers who wish to store cards

No redirect to a third-party service provider website to get paid

No monthly or platform fees: transparent transaction-based pricing

You never have to ask for your customers card information again

Your customers payment is automatically PCI compliant and secure

Use integrations for systems like WooCommerce, Ecwid and more

Send secure payment requests to your customers using instant messaging, SMS or email, set up an online checkout in minutes, run online auctions, Social Media campaigns and much more

Reach your customers on their mobile devices with a personalized payment request message for one-time or recurring payments

Setup your payment page and customer receipts with your business name and logo, reference and product description you are selling

Customise your Merchant Portal by adding additional currency options, notifications and payment reminders for your customers

Helping you grow your business
by supporting you every step of the way!

Experience our video tutorials and a comprehensive support centre to show you
how to get the best out of your Mobipaid Merchant Portal.

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Our innovative technology is based on open payments architecture: with a single integration to a RESTful API you can take advantage of our powerful transaction processing capabilities, an extensive global payments network, real-time fraud prevention and advanced business intelligence tools.

We also include velocity checks to stop fraudulent transactions by identifying suspicious shopping behaviour based on the number of transactions a shopper attempts while our GEO IP location checks enables you to ensure shoppers are not using anonymous proxies or falsifying their address; activities that raise the likelihood of fraud.

3-D SECURE is an additional security layer for online transactions, ensuring that it is the legitimate cardholder and retailer participating in a transaction