Mobipaid for Business

Give your customers the ultimate CARD-NOT-PRESENT payment experience

No matter your business


Mobipaid will change the way you take card-not-present payments forever

Your customers can pay you on their own phone anywhere, anytime.

Your customers can pay you directly from their own mobile devices… anywhere, anytime!

NO APPS or REGISTRATION required to make payments

Make your customers’ payments Easy & Secure

Taking customer card information over the phone, by mail or email, or storing any related data on file for manual card processing, is against regulations and is a liability. Mobipaid offers you an easy and secure alternative to accepting card-not-present payments.

Mobipaid is a turnkey solution that allows merchants to deliver payment requests to their customers using text messaging (SMS), picture messaging (MMS), email, social media, and QR codes.

You can reach your customers directly on their mobile devices with a personalized payment request message that includes an instant payment option.

Cardholders do not need to download an app or register to be able to make a payment. Mobipaid offers the most straightforward and convenient way for your customers to make payments.

  • No card readers or special devices required. Cardholders make payments on their own mobile devices.
  • No app download, no account registration, no password or login.
  • No redirect to a service provider website. Mobipaid offers an instant tokenized payment option.
  • No monthly or platform fees.
  • You never have to ask a customer’s card information again.
  • It is secure and your operation is automatically PCI compliant.

Payment products built for all your Card-Not-Present payment requirements

Payment Requests

Send a payment request or reminder directly to your customer’s mobile phone. Your personalized message will include an instant payment option for a direct and convenient payment experience.

Scan & Pay

Every Mobipaid payment request, campaign, and weblink has a unique QR code. The QR code can be printed or displayed on any medium to give your customer quick and direct access to the relevant payment page.


Your Mobipaid account links directly with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. Setup and manage unlimited campaigns and auctions. Mobipaid campaigns are great for fundraisers and selling products or services directly on your social media.

Recurring Payments

Automate your customer’s monthly payments with an ongoing or time-specified payment plan. An initial payment by your customer accepts and initiates the payment plan your customer agrees too.  

A payment CRM at your fingertips

Connecting with your customers about payments is easy

Manage your customers’ information on any device, in any situation, anywhere, anytime.

Your customer database isn’t limited to just contact information. Add multiple custom data fields to suit your specific CRM requirements. The Import and Export functions make it easy to share data between your favorite CRM platforms.

Developer Portal

Accept payments across your own Channels

Our payments API are available at no cost to companies and developers who want to integrate Mobipaid’s core functions into their own applications or platforms.


  • Easy to use digital, interactive API portal
  • Detailed User Guide & technical support
  • Free access to Development system (Sandbox)
  • Free access to Production system (Live)

Covering all the bases

Multi Device Access

Mobipaid is a turnkey cloud solution and works on any internet-connected device. API integrations are also available.

Multiple Users

Your Mobipaid account can be accessed by multiple users, each with unique login details and specified account privileges.

Your Own Card Processor

Unique to Mobipaid! Contract directly with a preferred Mobipaid acquiring partner, or use your existing merchant services.


Add your company logo to your payment page and customize the payment receipt. Personalize every payment request message.

Exclusive Phone Numbers

Send payment request text messages from a unique local phone number that your customers can identify as your company or organization.


Card information is managed by a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway. Your customers will never have to share personal card information with you.

Management & Reporting

Real-time payment request notifications, payment notifications, data import & export options, and instant reversal and refund options.


Turn your customers’ own phone into a POS terminal and allow them to pay you instantly by scanning a QR code printed on your invoice.

Do you use Ecwid?

We’ll show you how it works

There are video tutorials and a comprehensive support center to show you how to use every Mobipaid tool and feature. We made sure there is no need for any guesswork.

Is it really that easy?

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