Accept QR Code Payments

Using QR payments are simple, safe and touch-free

Scan-to-pay technology is on the rise because of its ease and quick customer adoption. Businesses are taking note and adopting QR payment technology to meet consumer demand.

Small businesses, large companies, and super corporations can all benefit from this methodology because they get paid faster, without the hassle. It’s an all-around win-win.

Mobipaid takes this technology a step further with automated recurring billing software and seamless online invoicing to help your QR payments get paid faster.


The QR code gives your customers instant access to the relevant payment page. Use on invoices, contracts, order forms, business cards, and more. They can be sent by email, displayed on your website or social media selling tools - the applications are endless.

In-person processing benefits from QR payment codes too! Place a code at checkout for a contactless way for customers to scan and pay, print the personalised code at the bottom of your receipts, or carry around a digital business card to display the QR code when you need to accept payments on the go.

Automatically Generated QR Codes
Every time you create a payment request, Mobipaid's dashboard generates a QR code that your customers can scan to make a mobile payment. It takes no extra time to use scan-to-pay technology in your business.
Customers "Point And Shoot" To Pay
A QR code payment happens when a customer uses their smartphone camera to scan a QR code, which then opens up a browser window for them to enter their card information to pay. The data within the QR code is encrypted and card numbers are never stored.
QR Codes Work Anywhere, Anytime
QR code payment processing works on both print and digital media.


Customers already have built-in QR code readers in their smartphones, take advantage of it!

The Value Add

  •   Get rid of your POS terminal / credit card machine
  •   Use QR codes in any medium
  •   Instantly validate payments
  •   Customers never share their card information with you
  •   Manage it all from one login