Fundraising and Donations

Improve fundraising with mobile donation solutions

This text-to-give mobile donation platform gives your nonprofit organisation, charity, or church a fundraising platform that is robust and unique.

Whether you’re a nonprofit trying to find a more efficient way to accept donations or a charity ramping up your online donation platform, Mobipaid can support you with the tools you need.

Receive donations instantly by sending direct text-to-donate payment links or custom QR codes to your customer's phone, email, social media feed. QR codes can also be distributed in person, on flyers, banners and custom t-shirts.


Every fundraising organisation has a list of donors that engage seasonally or prefer to give to only specific projects. With the Mobipaid CRM, you can manage and group contacts based on their preferences to ensure you’re sending text-to-give requests to the people who are most likely to donate.

You get all of the online fundraising platforms tools with an unlimited number of campaigns.

Mobipaid also allows you to automatically enroll donors into a subscription, using the opt-in feature in our recurring billing software.

Autobilling, Reminders And Receipts
Once they click or scan, your donors view your personalised fundraising platform where they set their contribution amount and add their credit card, debit card, PayPal, or mobile wallet details to pay. With one click they authorise a mobile donation and get instant confirmation with a receipt sent to their phone or email.
Easy Payment For Your Donors

One-click mobile donations via your online fundraising platform. In addition to simpler and more effective text-to-donate capabilities, donors can now donate with a single click. Set a standard donation amount for your campaign and allow donors to click once to pay. Donars still have the option to enter a custom amount.

Bulk Upload Donor Information
Sending payment requests one by one can get tedious and time-consuming. The Mobipaid bulk upload feature allows you to import an Excel spreadsheet with your donors' necessary information (no card details) and send donation requests faster.

The Value Add

  •   Easy text-to-give service with online fundraising platform tools and unlimited amount of campaigns.
  •   Mobile donations from anywhere
  •   Use automation and analytics
  •   Send requests, reminders, & receipts
  •   Instantly validate payments
  •   Customers never share their card information with you
  •   Manage it all from one login