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Pay by QR Code

Your customer or donor should follow these steps to make a payment on a QR code you’ve generated with Mobipaid. For most smartphones, a QR code reader is built into the camera and it is not necessary to download a third-party app.

Note: Older iPhones and Samsung phones might not have a built in QR code scanner, in which case the URL shortcode should be typed into the browser.

Step 1: Using an Apple or Android mobile device, open the camera.

Step 2: Point the camera at the QR code but do not take a photo.

Step 3: A link will appear on-screen; click the link.

Step 4: The campaign page will load and payment or donation can be completed.

Create your Own QR Code

Every payment request and campaign you generate with Mobipaid will include a QR code and shortcode URL. If a QR code is needed for open-ended, repeating payments, this should be generated from a campaign. If a QR code is needed for a single, one-time payment, this should be generated from a single payment request.

Note: To generate a QR code from a campaign, you will need to connect a Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn account. To learn how to connect social media accounts, please click here.

Step 1: Navigate to campaign payment request. Click the Hamburger Button beside the Mobipaid logo at the top left of the page. Select ‘Payment Request’ > ‘Campaign Payment Request.’

Step 2: Select ‘Create a Web Link’ to start creating the campaign. Or, select the social media platform(s) (Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn) with which you would like to have the option of sharing the campaign. Then fill in the required information on the next few steps and click ‘Submit’. For more information on creating a social media campaign, please see the Social Media section by clicking here.

Note: On ‘2. Request Details,’ the ‘Reference number’ can be called anything (letter and/or number) that will help identify the payment request when you go to retrieve the QR code.

Note: On ‘3. Additional Details,’ the information you would like to require your customer or donor input while making a payment or donation is set during this step.

Step 3: Once you have created your campaign, you will be taken to the ‘Transaction Log.’

Step 4: Find the payment request you’ve just created. In the ‘Payment type’ column, click the corresponding payment type for your payment request.

Step 5: A QR code will appear on-screen. Right click on and save this QR code to use in print and digital media. You may also copy or print the payment URL.

Note: Certain phones are not compatible with QR codes. The link provided by the ‘Copy URL’ is a short-code URL that your customer or donor can type into their phone’s web-browser and arrive at the same payment/donation page.