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Step 1: Download Mobipaid Scanner from the App Store. Click here to go directly to the App Store.
Step 2: Sign in using your Merchant Portal credentials.
Step 3: At the bottom right of the app, click the “Scan” button.
Step 4: Hover over the QR code provided on the receipt page of your customer’s transaction.

Step 5: The result will display one of the three options:

  • Valid receipt
  • Receipt already validated
  • Not a valid Mobipaid QR Code

Valid Receipt denotes this is the first time this receipt’s QR code has been scanned and therefore is valid;
Receipt Already Validated denotes this receipt’s QR code has already been scanned and is no longer valid.

Using Mobipaid Scanner Offline

If your event will have limited access to the internet, you can download your list of purchases into the Mobipaid Scanner app and scan according to your purchase list.


1. Verify there is a cut-off time for sales to ensure that when you download your list of purchases, it is a complete list.

2. Make sure to have only one point of entry for scanning the codes since it is not communicating with other scanners through wifi.

Step 1: Open the Mobipaid Scanner app. Sign in using your Merchant Portal credentials. Once you are in the app, click on the three vertical dots located in the top right corner of the app. 

Step 2: From the options that appear, select “Update local database.”  

Step 3: Three options will appear:

  • Fetch data from server
  • Import a .CSV file
  • Empty the local database

Between the first two options, select the way in which you would like to upload your purchase list into the app. 

Note: The third option is how you would clear your database once the event has ended. Clearing the database is always a good choice so your purchase list is not confused with any future purchase list’s you will upload. 

Once your database has been uploaded, you may begin scanning from your purchase list.

Important Note: For best practice, as mentioned before, it is recommended that there be only one point of entry at which scanning can occur. 

For more support with Mobipaid Scanner, please contact