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Customize Receipt

Access receipt customization through the Setup Menu by clicking on your email address at the top right and clicking on ‘Receipt Template.’ Engage your customers with custom messaging on your receipts. Include a survey link, a coupon link, processing time, delivery/pickup information, or any information to personalize your communication with your customers. It’s simple, effective, and you can start today.

You will set up separate custom receipts for the Single / POS Link payment, Recurring payment, and Social Media payment. These can be altered at any time and the change to customer receipts will be available immediately after your update.


There are 3 sections on the payment receipt page. Font, border, color and background can be altered and will affect all three sections. You can create the appearance of a single page receipt by selecting the boarder style, ‘outer’ instead of ‘sectioned’.

Edit the Receipt


The Opening Sentence text box section controls the text located at the top of your receipt. Use this section to convey useful information to your customer such as processing time, delivery/pickup information, a survey link or any custom message to improve customer communication.


The central receipt section reflects selections you make while creating a payment request through one of the Payment Request pages. These selections will be made on step three, “Additional Settings”, and correspond with “Shipping Information” for Single Payment Request and Recurring Payment, and ‘Shipping Information’ and ‘Customer Information’ for Campaign Payment Requests. This is not available for Bulk Payment Request. If you do not select ‘Yes’ next to these fields, they will not be present on your receipt.


The footer text box controls the bottom section. Click on the footer text box, then in the left column of the setup page to alter the bottom section of the receipt. Submit the changes to save.