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Auction Configuration

On the page ‘3. Additional Settings’ of the campaign creation tool, the auction can be configured to specification.

Tip: We recommend setting up a message template that you wish to send out to your auction winner at the beginning stages of your auction so you will not need to do this later. For instructions on creating a message, please click here.


Minimum bid amount: Minimum amount for the first bid.

Bid increment amount: Amount by which the next bid must increase by.

Select tax profile: Taxes will be added to the payment based on the Tax Profile.

Timezone: Which timezone will the auction Start and End Times be applied to. 

Start Time: Specify a start date and time for your auction.

End Time: Specify an End date and time for your auction.

Is blind auction: In a blind auction, bidders simultaneously submit bids to the auctioneer without knowledge of the amount bid by other participants. Toggle Yes/No.

Buy now option enabled: ‘Buy now’ allows participants to purchase the item instantly for a set price. Toggle Yes/No. If toggled ‘Yes’, specify the ‘Buy now’ amount and quantity available.

Terms and Conditions: A link to view ‘Terms and Conditions’ will appear as a link on the payment page. Your ‘Terms and Conditions’ will appear in a pop-up text box.

Concluding your Auction

Once your auction has ended, you will go through and identify the winner and send the payment request to them. 

Step 1: Navigate to the Transaction Log. Click the Hamburger Button beside the Mobipaid logo at the top left of the screen. Select Transaction History > Transaction Log. 

Step 2: Find your auction campaign in your transactions. Under the ‘actions’ column, click the three horizontal dots that correspond with your auction campaign. Select “Bid History”. 

Step 3: In Bid History, you will view all of the bids that have been placed for this auction item. The highest bid will be located at the top of the list. In the “actions” column, select the three horizontal dots associated with the highest bidder (or whichever qualifier you choose for your winner), and select “Choose Winner”. 

Step 4: Once the winner of your auction has been chosen, you will be redirected to a payment page called Create Auction Winner Payment Request where you will send out the payment request. 

Shipping Information: Select “Yes” if you require shipping information from your auction bidder

Non 3D payment: Select “Yes” if your banking institution does not require 3D payment verification from your auction bidder. If your banking institution does require this step, please select “No”.

Payment type: Choose whether you would like the payment to be taken immediately, or if you are pre-authorizing the payment for a later date.

Available to pay in: This is where you will set the time frame in which your auction winner will have to complete the payment.

Message template: Select the message template you wish to use for your auction winner. If you have not yet set up a template for your auction, you can do so by following instructions for creating message templates.

Step 5: Submit your payment request by hitting the “Submit” button at the bottom right of the screen.