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No one will dispute that the majority of people spend more time every day on their mobile phones than ever before, making the mobile phone the most effective way to communicate with customers. Mobipaid offers utilities an easy way to reach customers with personalized and secure payment requests.

Standard Billing

A personalized text message with billing details and an instant option to pay is the preferred way for many customers to pay bills. No apps and no registrations for your customers.


A text reminder for immediate payment to avoid late payment fees includes the option to make an instant payment anywhere, anytime.

Disconnection Notices

A text notification of service disruption can include the option to make an instant payment directly from your customers mobile phone. Significantly reduce the burden on customer support.

Mobipaid brings together the convenience of timely, personalized billing communication and the opportunity for customers to make convenient and secure payments, instantly.

Your Customers Will Appreciate It

Your customers receive your text message payment request with an instant payment option allowing them to pay their bills anywhere, anytime. No need to register.  No need to download an app. No need to look up an account number or confirm the exact payment amount. No more struggling with user names or passwords. No more frustrating phone calls. Just simple, convenient and secure payment.

Go Paperless

Include your customer’s itemized invoice with your text payment request (Currently only available in the US & Canada). Adding an invoice with your payment request gives your customers unmatched convenience and the confidence when making payments. Save time & money when you cut down on costly paper invoicing.

Unsurpassed Security

When you use Mobipaid, payments are managed through our PCI DSS certified payment gateway. Customer card information is never captured, transmitted or stored, by your business management system or servers. Your customer support agents do not have to take card information over the phone anymore. Using Mobipaid guarantees your PCI compliance.


Mobipaid allows you to send one payment request or thousands of payment requests in a single submission.

Simple Integration

Use data import & export to integrate payment updates into your existing workflow or choose to do a  custom integration using our API. Our free API is available to your developers or we will connect you with development professionals to assist you.

Operational “Food for Thought”

When using Mobipaid your billing agents will spend less time on inbound calls. If you include a Mobipaid QR code on your paper invoices, your customers can scan the code to instantly open the payment page and make payments. Avoid the additional delay and cost of managing inbound mail. Depending on the number of households and businesses served, typical savings can be between thousands and millions of dollars per utility annually.

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