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Coaches and instructors need to focus on the
game, skills and performance, not taking money.

Sending payment requests with Mobipaid gives parents, students, team members and participants the convenience to pay, anywhere, anytime. No matter who is responsible for payment, you can reach them directly on their mobile device.

Collect these payments by simply sending a Mobipaid payment request:

  • Annual registration
  • Monthly membership fees
  • Team uniform or sport gear orders
  • Competition entry fees
  • Hospitality contributions
  • Costume fees

Automatic Payments

Setting up recurring payments is as easy as sending out a single payment request. After the first payment is made by card holders from their own mobile devices, recurring payments will automatically be processed, as ongoing payments or with a pre-set ending date. You do not have to remember to send a payment request, and they do not have to remember to pay.

Bulk Payment Requests

A single action with maximum results. Send multiple payment requests to multiple people at the same time, directly to their mobile phones or email. Your payment request can include statements or invoices, and the cardholder making the payment will automatically receive a payment receipt when payment is done.

Get the Community Involved

Use your team or club Facebook page and Twitter account to promote community involvement in any team or club activity where you need financial contributions. Just post the activity or cause and any person in the extended social network can contribute directly via your social media.

Save Time & Money

Include your invoice with your text payment request and send an automatic receipt to officially confirm payment. Less paperwork saves you time and money.

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