Many activities. One easy
way to collect money.

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Any parent, guardian or family member can
easily pay any school fee...anywhere, anytime.

Streamline the Way Your School Collects Money

Send a general or personalized payment request directly to parents & guardians by text or email. Payments are easy and require no app download or registration, making it easy for family and friends to support the children and their school. Payments can be monitored in real time and all funds are directly settled into your school bank account.

Many Activities, One Easy Way to Collect Money

Make it easy for every class, team or club at your school to collect money. Give teachers, coaches and even students & parents the power to request payments, while your central school administrative office stays in full control with real time reporting. The best is, all funds are settled directly to the school bank account, where every penny can be accounted for.


The fastest way to collect the fees for the zoo field trip. Just send a text or email payment request to every class parent, rather than sending a paper notice. This also guarantees that your parents know about school activities, and never miss the paper sent home.


With a single action send the yearbook pre-order notification to every student family in the school. Taking payment as confirmation of the order is smart.

Fundraising Sales for School Groups

Fundraising Sales is a great way to get additional funds for your school, but there are limitations. Students only sell to their closest family members limiting the margin of many pre-packaged fundraisers. Reach beyond your traditional base and reach the friends of friends of every student, parent and family member.

School Trips

When students need to raise funds for their summer school trip or to study abroad, the school can facilitate and coordinate the fundraising efforts. Create social media campaigns with the ability to accept instant payments on social media. Great for the foreign language clubs, history clubs or any group funding travel expenses.

Christmas Tree Sale

Sell to your customers on social media. Create a donation or “buy now” link on the school Twitter or Facebook account. Students, parents, grandparents & friends can share, and share again. You can even collect delivery addresses.

Take your Raffle Online

For a bigger and better raffle, utilize social media to reach even more people. Get instant, easy and convenient entry information for participants, while you have real time confirmation of payment.

Security and Liability

No school staff member sees card details or has to ask for card details, ever again. You also do not have to keep card information on record for recurring payments. Your PCI DSS compliance is guaranteed when your school uses Mobipaid.


The staff loves it. Parents are happy to have such an easy way to send money to school. We spend less time following up to collect fees.

Our staff creates quality educational experiences for students and mobipaid allows our staff to manage funds for school activities more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

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