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Simplifying Property Payments

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Take advantage of the most direct way
to collect property management fees.

Send the payment request directly to the property owners or tenants, no matter where they are. They can pay you instantly from their own mobile phones. No mobile app and or registration required by the tenant.

  • HOA Annual Dues and Special
  • Pre-Authorizations for Vacation Rentals
  • Assessments
  • Monthly Rental Fees
  • Security Deposits
  • Down payments
  • Reservations


Setting up recurring payments is as easy as sending out a single payment request. After the first payment is made by the tenant, recurring payments will automatically be processed, as ongoing payments or with a pre-set ending date. You do not have to remember to send a payment request, and they do not have to remember to pay.


Confirm and secure availability of funds. If you need to secure payment commitment in advance, you can send a pre-authorization request which can be initiated directly from the cardholders mobile phone ….anywhere, anytime. Reservations and deposits are more secure with a pre-authorization.

Save Time and Money

A single action with maximum results. Simply upload a file to send multiple payment requests for multiple properties or communities at the same time. Include your digital statement in the text payment request and we provide the cardholder with our automated payment receipt.

Restrict your Liability

Do not keep the card information of your tenants or members of your HOA on record. Do not place your office at risk. With a Mobipaid payment request, your tenants or HOA members pay securely from their own phones, never disclosing personal card information.

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