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Your patients expect the full benefit expensive insurance should provide. You always draw the short straw and have to manage short paid and outstanding customer bills. Use Mobipaid to effectively collect payments while making payments more convenient for your patients. No app and no registration is required for your patients.

Payment Plans

Some elective procedures are expensive and not fully covered by insurance. Offer your patients a scheduled payment plan to help them pay for those procedures. Payments are automatically deducted from your patients’ card. You do not have to send a reminder and your patients do not have to remember to pay. Payments are secure and your office never has to manage sensitive card information.


Confirm and secure funds prior to beginning a procedure. A simple text message with instructions will allow your patient, or the person liable for the account, to instantly and conveniently do the Pre-Authorization transaction from their personal mobile phone, anywhere, anytime.

Faster Check-in

Send your patient a text message or email with confirmation of the appointment and the standard co-pay amount to be paid, with the option to pay in advance of the appointment for an express check-in.

Not Covered by Insurance

Your office files insurance and the patient now owes a remaining balance not covered by insurance. Make it simple and quick for your patient to pay by sending a payment request for the remaining amount directly to their mobile device. You can group unpaid balances daily, weekly or monthly and submit them all together. Patients can make instant payments without having to have access a mobile app or register for any other service.

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