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The ability to instantly reach a large audience through social media and communicate with your existing database by text messaging is a powerful tool for fundraising and event management. Maximize the success of your fundraising campaigns by allowing people to instantly make financial contributions directly from their own mobile phones or internet connected devices. No apps and no registration required from people who want to support your cause. Easy, convenient & secure.

Your Local Church & Community

Reach out to members when you post your cause on your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Your post will include a link for their instant contribution. Members can share the cause with like-minded friends on social media, increasing both awareness and your ability to raise funds.

  • A member or family in need
  • Restoration or building fund
  • Outreach programs and support groups

Close to Your Heart

If you have an organization or group of volunteers supporting an organization, then use Mobipaid whenever you manage your fundraising campaigns. Send a contribution request directly to your regular supporter or use social media to reach a new and larger audience. Mobipaid allows people who want to support your cause to instantly make a contribution directly from their own mobile phone.

  • Veterans & veteran families
  • Cancer research
  • Organizations supporting the disabled
  • Animal rescue & rehabilitation centers

Unexpected Disaster

Nothing challenges a community, or even a country, like an unexpected disaster. Floods, tornados, hurricanes, fires and other natural disasters. In times like these, people around the world open their hearts, and most would like to contribute, even if only a small amount. Mobipaid is the simplest, most convenient & direct way to allow people to contribute to your cause. Mobilize quickly, when focus and compassion are highest, using social media and the power of an instant payment option, to give donors the chance to take action.

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