Scan & Pay

All your payment pages have a unique QR code which gives your customers instant and convenient access to make payments, anywhere, anytime.

  • No apps required. Not by you or your customers

  • No registration & login

  • No card readers or terminals

  • No setup fee

  • No monthly fees

No QR code scanner required. Your customers use the camera on their phone to Scan & Pay.

Every Mobipaid payment or donation request, campaign, weblink, and POSlink has a unique QR code. The QR code can be printed or displayed on any medium.  It will give your customers quick and direct access to the relevant payment page. Print it on bills, statements, invites, event programs, t-shirts, posters, banners, stickers, flyers or display it on TV or electronic display board.

Payment requests

Create a payment request for your customer’s invoice or monthly bill on your Mobipaid portal. Every payment request generates a unique payment page, with its QR code. Print the QR code on your customer’s invoice or statement. Your customer scans the QR code and makes payment directly on their mobile phone. No app, no registration required.

Campaigns & Events

Your Mobipaid account can directly link with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. You can seamlessly set up any campaign on, or off social media. Sell tickets, sell refreshments, request donations, take prepaid orders, and much more. Print or display the campaign QR code on any media, and give customers instant access, to shop and pay for your offering.


Mobipaid POS-Link

Our POS-Link can replace your current mobile POS. A single, fully customizable payment page for your business.  You can edit this payment page, as often as you like. The QR code always remains the same. It is ideal for use on business cards, labels, or to display on tables at eateries, reservation desks, and more.

Validate purchases & payments

Download and use the Mobipaid merchant scanner app on any Android or IOS device to scan the receipt your customer received after successful payment. Scanning the QR code on the customer’s receipt will verify & validate the customer’s purchase and payment. Receipts already scanned will display as already scanned. Scanning in both online or offline modes is available.

Using QR codes will save you time and money, and your customers will thank you for the convenience

Print it anywhere

We tested it. It even works as a tattoo. You can print the QR code on anything, and it will give your customers instant access to the relevant payment page. Invoices, contracts, bills, order forms, business cards, volunteer identification cards, and more.

Want to test it?

  1. Open your phone camera and hold it over the QR code.
  2. A link will appear almost instantly on your phone screen.
  3. Select the link and the payment page will open on your phone browser.

QR code link to secure payment page

Scan & Pay

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