Our payment products are the easiest, safest and most convenient way to collect payments

Card-Not-Present transactions are not always eCommerce. A majority of Card-Not-Present transactions are done via a virtual terminal after a business representative obtains a customer’s card information over the phone, on paper or email. This means that someone in your business is managing highly sensitive data.

Are you compromising your business and staff?


Good news if you use QuickBooks Online. You can now connect your QuickBooks account with your Mobipaid account and upload all payments received directly into QuickBooks.  

The Merchant Portal

Our cloud-based merchant portal can be accessed from any internet-connected device. You can add multiple users with different account privileges who can all simultaneously access and use your Mobipaid account.

We do not charge per seat


  • Add Mobipaid to your Google Apps for fast, easy access
  • The UX design ensures a frustration-free user experience
  • Easy to use wizard functions
  • Pre-set custom payment request messages
  • Multiple tax and other service fee fields
  • Import & Export data in .csv or .xls

Save time and money with automated invoices & payment receipts

Every payment reminder, payment request, campaign, donation page, or auction, whether sent by text, email, posted on social media, or accessed through a QR code, they all have a unique payment page. You can manage what you would like to communicate and what data you would like to collect on every payment page.

Payment Requests

It takes only a few easy steps to send a payment request or reminder, directly to your customer’s mobile phone or email. Every message includes a link to a secure browser payment page. Your customer can select from several payment options and will instantly receive a receipt after making payment. There is no dispute. This is by far the most direct and convenient payment experience you can ever offer your customers.

  • Create template messages for fast & convenient payment requests.
  • The payment page & receipts are uniquely yours with your business brand and name.
  • Every payment request generates its own payment page that can be unique in messaging and in collecting information.
  • Payment page options include taxes, tipping, shipping information, reminders, and attaching invoices.

All our payment pages have a unique QR code which gives your customers instant and convenient access to make payments, anywhere, anytime.

No QR code scanner required. Your customers use the camera on their phone to Scan & Pay.

Validate purchases & payments

Download and use the Mobipaid merchant scanner app on any Android or IOS device to scan the receipt your customer received after successful payment. Scanning the QR code on the customer’s receipt will verify & validate the customer’s purchase and payment. Receipts already scanned will display as already scanned. Scanning in both online or offline modes is available.

Scan & Pay

Every Mobipaid payment or donation request, campaign, weblink, and POSlink has a unique QR code. The QR code can be printed or displayed on any medium.  It will give your customers quick and direct access to the relevant payment page. Print it on bills, statements, invites, event programs, t-shirts, posters, banners, stickers, flyers or display it on TV or electronic display board.

Payment requests

Create a payment request for your customer’s invoice or monthly bill on your Mobipaid portal. Every payment request generates a unique payment page, with its QR code. Print the QR code on your customer’s invoice or statement. Your customer scans the QR code and makes payment directly on their mobile phone. No app, no registration required.

Campaigns & Events

Your Mobipaid account can directly link with Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. You can seamlessly set up any campaign on, or off social media. Sell tickets, sell refreshments, request donations, take prepaid orders, and much more. Print or display the campaign QR code on any media, and give customers instant access, to shop and pay for your offering.

Mobipaid POS-Link

Our POS-Link can replace your current mobile POS. A single, fully customizable payment page for your business.  You can edit this payment page, as often as you like. The QR code always remains the same. It is ideal for use on business cards, labels, or to display on tables at eateries, reservation desks, and more.

Using QR codes will save you time and money, and your customers will thank you for the convenience

Print it anywhere

We tested it. It even works as a tattoo. You can print the QR code on anything, and it will give your customers instant access to the relevant payment page. Invoices, contracts, bills, order forms, business cards, volunteer identification cards, and more.

Want to test it?

  1. Open your phone camera and hold it over the QR code.
  2. A link will appear almost instantly on your phone screen.
  3. Select the link and the payment page will open on your phone browser.

QR code link to secure payment page

Scan & Pay


Your customers are on social media, and so are their friends and the friends of those friends. With Mobipaid you can give everyone access to your payment page, directly on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Your Mobipaid Portal connects directly to your company or organization’s social media accounts and allows you to post any campaign effortlessly.


  • Manage fundraising campaigns
  • Sell products
  • Take bookings


Direct donation requests

Do you have a database of frequent or past supporters? Send a request to donate, directly to any supporter through a text message or email. Every text & email sent includes an instant donation option for a direct and convenient donation experience by your supporters. Send your donation requests individually, or with a single action to your entire database.


Mobipaid has a built-in Auction Management platform that allows you to host silent & standard auctions. Create as many auctions as you want, for FREE. Every auction can display unique images, descriptions, and terms & conditions.  Auction winners are automatically notified with a payment request for easy & convenient payment.

Recurring Payments

Automate your customer’s monthly payments. Set the desired payment requirements and send the request to accept, to your customer’s phone or email. Your customer will be required to make an initial payment specified by you. In making this payment, your customer confirms their acceptance of your requiring payment agreement and the payment plan is set up in our payment gateway. The balance of the payments will be processed automatically against the card on record.

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