Easy-to-use Mobipaid Portal

The Mobipaid dashboard - one login can do it all!

Our free cloud-based merchant portal can be accessed from any internet-connected device.

  •   Accept mobile payments.
  •   Generate QR codes for print or digital ads.
  •   Enrol clients in auto-pay features and send SMS reminders.
  •   Generate invoices and receipts.
  •   Multiple tax and other service fields including pre-authorisations.
  •   Create and manage auctions and online fundraising platforms.
  •   Add multiple users with different account privileges.
  •   Mass upload customers.
  •   Issue refunds and get immediate confirmations, and so much more!
  •   Our UX design virtual terminal ensures an intuitive and user-friendly experience.
  •   Easy to operate using wizard functions.
  •   View reports.
  •   Tools to spot and correct customers issues with making payments.
  •   View transactions logs and history and reconcile payments.
  •   Import and Export data in .csv or .xls.
  •   Integration with Quickbooks.
  •   Add Mobipaid to your Google Apps for fast, easy access.

Customers receive a payment request notification via text link, QR code, or email message with a secure payment link.

They’ll use their personal device to scan the QR code, click a link, or move to a payment form online

Fill out payment information as required

Once the payment info is input, they simply click confirm to send their payment

Within seconds, your customer will receive a confirmation text or email receipt. Your portal is automatically updated

Your Customer Payment Journey

The Mobipaid Scanner

Payment validations can be done online or offline.

Easily verify customer payments

Your account includes access to the Mobipaid Scanner app for merchants, which is used to scan the QR code on a customer’s receipt and verify the customer’s payment.

Once confirmed, the receipt is marked as already scanned to prevent double payments or fraud.

This feature is ideal for managing crowded stations at festivals, sporting occasions, curbside pickup or other large gatherings where people pre-order tickets and refreshments.

No extra hardware required for online purchases with offline collections/deliveries.

The Virtual Terminal

The Virtual Terminal can be accessed from the Mobipaid dashboard. It replaces your POS hardware and is primarily used for virtual cards and collection services via a Moto account.

  •    Online travel agents can redeem Agoda, Expedia and Booking.com virtual cards in a PCI-compliant environment.
  •   Convenient for donations and collections.
  •   Improves customer service through online account management.
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