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At Mobipaid, we protect our merchants and their reputation by making sure that every merchant that uses Mobipaid is a qualified business operating with valid credentials in the countries we serve.

We review each new registration to ensure we protect the integrity of all the merchants and our payment platform alike.


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  • Please complete and submit the form below. We want to understand more about your business so we can make sure we are able to provide you with the service you deserve. It will also help us to suggest the best and most cost-effective merchant service account for your business.
  • After reviewing the information you submit we will send you instructions on how to apply for a merchant services account.
  • You will be required to supply supporting documentation, including proof of company registration in the country you do business, evidence of physical address, and a bank account in your business name.


Only complete this form if you are a business owner, or represent a business who would like to use our payment solutions.

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Mobipaid is a multicurrency payment solution and currently operates in the following regions:


  • Sub-Sahara Africa & Islands
  • European Union countries
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