Londolozi Private Game Reserve Case Study

Founded in 1926, Londolozi is a luxury private game reserve situated in the heart of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve within the Kruger National Park.

The game reserve’s ambition is to conserve an ethical relationship with the natural world, which is why their name means “Protector of All Living Things”.

“When you visit Londolozi, you are doing far more than immersing yourself in a thrilling wildlife experience; you are helping with the development and socio-economic wellbeing of a whole human ecosystem.”

In line with their vision, Londolozi has been internationally praised for its progressive land and wildlife management practices and its community involvement. The futuristic African village tries to inspire a desire for everyone to live in deeper connection with each other as well as the natural world.

How was Londolozi Affected by COVID?

The pandemic severely crippled the global tourism industry by putting 100 to 120 million jobs at risk. Travel agencies, accommodation, game reserves, and many more had to put a hold on their services. To this day, the tourism industry is struggling to get back on its feet, forcing many organisations, like Londolozi, to think of alternative ways to bring the travel bug back to life.

Although the safari lodge received a few guests during the toughest time of the pandemic, it was far less than their usual traffic due to international travel restrictions and travellers fearing the virus. The reserve’s reservations team also had to temporarily leave their central office in Johannesburg to continue working remotely.

Due to some restrictions caused by working remotely, the game reserve needed a simple and cost-effective solution to send payment links to prospective guests. They wanted to make it easy for guests to pay without having to register or download an app. Sending links means that bookings can be taken securely without the guest ever having to give their sensitive card data over the phone or via email!

The ideal solution? Mobipaid.

Mobipaid is an easy to operate payment technology that allows businesses to take card and EFT payments across multiple channels including online and at the Point of Sale (POS) without the need for a card terminal.

Using Mobipaid means you also have access to their Virtual Terminal to redeem payments from Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) like Expedia. If you sell online, you can also set up your own online checkout in minutes. All this from one account!

Mobipaid makes the paying customer journey simple and safe. All payments are touchless meaning the customer can pay from any internet-enabled device like a smartphone and there is no requirement for the customer to register or download an app to make a payment.

How has Mobipaid Helped Londolozi?

Londolozi first heard about Mobipaid in 2019 and started using the solution in 2020 when the pandemic hit. The main attraction of Mobipaid was the ability to send payment links to guests so they could get paid remotely and without having to take sensitive card details over the phone.

“Mobipaid has been a valuable addition to our business, providing an easy to use, cost-effective payment solution.”

David Dampier from Londolozi

Since Londolozi deals with payments, Mobipaid was the ideal choice as it’s fully PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring the lodge never has to come into contact with guests’ card details. The lodge can also accept any international cards and many payment forms while avoiding foreign exchange bank fees as US cardholders, for example, can pay in USD while Londolozi gets settled in USD.

Mobipaid helped Londolozi tremendously with their checkout and payment processes. Guests can effortlessly check out of the lodge at their convenience, while their remote reservations team can send payment links to future guests who can securely settle their payments hassle-free. Guests can also securely save their card details with Mobipaid which makes for quicker checkouts. Once their cards are saved in the secure payment gateway, they will never need to carry their cards with them when at the lodge.

Mobipaid was highly competitive with their pricing options while offering several value-add features like payment confirmations, the ability to refund customers and reconciliation capabilities. There is no setup or running fee and the technology allows a business to convert sales with tools, traditional payment gateways do not offer.

How can Mobipaid Help You?

Mobipaid is a comprehensive overhaul of the way South Africans can transact, featuring app-free and entirely contactless transactions whether from your website, social media or within your physical retail outlet. Whether you’re running a Facebook business, a restaurant, gathering donations or simply running a Gumtree advert, Mobipaid offers the complete payment solution.

One of several key features which set the system apart is the fact that your customers do not need to download any specific app themselves or fill out detailed account forms. Customers only need to use QR codes to allow touch-free payments and validation. From a digital perspective, this means a decreased cart-abandonment rate from frustrated first-time users. Its consumer can complete transactions by simply scanning QR codes with their camera’s and entering their card details or using a card they may have saved on Mobipaid before.

No customer app, no account registration, no password or login needed.

South Africa needs a comprehensive scan to pay system which takes its unique security needs into account and cuts down on transaction abandonments because of complicated forms or the need to download a specific app. The merchant/consumer relationship relies on trust and convenience and Mobipaid, backed by VISA, brings all of these elements together wherever you are with its contactless transactions. Find out more about contactless transactions by visiting mobipaid.com today.