Mobipaid Help Center

Did you receive a Payment Reminder or Payment Request by Text?

Why did I get this text message?

A business or organization you are doing business with, or has received goods or services from, sent you a payment reminder or payment request. Simply click the link to continue with the payment.

How can I confirm who the sender of the payment request is?

You should recognize the business name in the text message. If you are still unsure, proceed by clicking the payment link in the text, it is safe to do.  You will see the logo and other business details at the top of the payment page which will help to identify the sender. If you have any doubts about the business, please complete the contact form below.

Can I stop a merchant from sending me payment requests?

Yes, it is simple. Reply STOP to deny permission for the sender to text you in the future.

Who is Mobipaid?

Mobipaid is a business payment solution. Businesses send SMS payment reminders and payment requests using the Mobipaid platform, giving you a simple and secure way to pay with your card directly on your phone.

Is this payment service secure?

Yes. You enter your card details into your own device and the business you are paying never get access to your card information. Our payment platform is accredited with the highest level of data security standards in the industry and card information is strictly managed by a PCI-DSS certified payment gateway.

How can I contact Mobipaid?

The best way to contact us is through the contact form below. 

If you need any further assistance contact us using the form below.