Request Payment by Link

Create a secure payment link in seconds

A payment link is simply a web address that sends the customer to a branded payment page on their mobile device where they can pay for a product/service, or make a donation.

There is no need for your office to generate an invoice or have a customer come through the door to get paid. It is an immediate process, no matter where, simply with a click of a button.


There are multiple ways that payment links can be used:

  •   A secure payment link can be generated and sent to a specific customer.
  •   An online pay-by link can also be created to circulate virtually for anyone to click, view, and pay.
  •   Or payment links can be made and sent to a targeted group of clients tagged within the Mobipaid portal.
  •   Accept credit cards, debit cards, EFT, Paypal & Google Pay.
Online Payment Links In Any Format
Creating a pay-by link can happen on any platform with an internet connection. How you send it is what matters to your customers: Via SMS, instant massaging like WhatsApp, email, on social media, on your website/blog or in digital advertising campaigns. Choose the format that suits your customers.
Easy Payment For Customers

Mobipaid compresses a lengthy task into a simple process:

  1. Click payment link or scan QR code to reach the payment page.
  2. Enter card information or use Google Pay to autofill.
  3. Click to submit.
  4. An instant receipt is sent to a phone or email, and your tracking is updated.
Create Payment Links In Seconds

Have your customers pay by link for a fast and easy checkout right from their phone, tablet, or computer.

No matter your business size, using online payment links will get you paid faster.

The Value Add

  •   Get rid of your POS terminal/credit card machine.
  •   Send payment links direct or post online.
  •   Instantly validate payments.
  •   Customers never share their card information with you.
  •   Manage it all from one login.