Who We Are

We are customers too and like all customers, we just want an easy, fast way to pay our bills. So, our premise is simple. Take the frustration out of making payments.

The Beginning

Our co-founders have more than 40 years of combined international payments experience. In 2013 they began to scan the market for the best solution to push the payment limits on security, mobility, speed and simplicity. Downloadable apps, e-commerce, on-line banking and telephone voice activated payment systems were on trend, but they shared the common element that each required effort for the customer to adopt. What the founders wanted was a push-technology solution with minimal customer effort.

They decided to develop a solution themselves which was startling in simplicity. Mobipaid would send secure payment requests directly to customers’ phones,and with no other effort from the customer, payments could be made in seconds.

Client Focused

We help businesses request payments and our customers are our focus. We believe that customer service sets us apart from the faceless payment solutions which manage customer support and service only by email. We like to get to know our customers and enjoy the satisfaction of helping our clients painlessly manage payments.